Monday, December 22, 2008

And there were in the same country.....

Okay, so what was the first thing that came to mind when you read the title? The Bible... or a Charlie Brown Christmas? Yesterday in our sermon at church this clip from Charlie Brown was played:

Now... how many programs have you seen lately that have full verses of scripture in them? And as our guest speaker said yesterday... Thanks Charles M. Schultz for keeping the true meaning of Christmas alive for many generations.

Recently, as Mickey and I sat with Michael watching this movie, we began to discuss the fact that so many people have forgotten the real reason for Christmas... it isn't the gifts... it isn't the food... it isn't the family gatherings... it is the birth of Christ... the gift that God gave to each of us, and his ultimate sacrifice for our sins. So, while our children have heard the Christmas story numerous time, we will begin a new tradition this year... we will read the Christmas story to our children and grandchildren before we open gifts, as a reminder that while all the other stuff is fun, it is nothing when you compare it to the gift of Christ.

God loves us... He loves us so much that he sent us his ONLY child... Christ... who lived his life in human form... far removed from all that he had ever known, knowing full well that He was to die for our sins. His death was horrific, his agony great, his heart broken, so that you and I might be able to enter God's presence one day, cleansed by His grace. No greater gift has ever been given... no greater gift can ever be received. And I pray, if you haven't opened that gift yet... you will do so... it is waiting for you... no strings attached!


Rebecca Jo said...


And what a wonderful tradition to start....

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Wow! How cool that your pastor showed that clip. And, what a blessing that Charlie Brown is still telling the Christmas story. I pray that I will learn more and more, to be more and more faithful, to share the Reason for the Season, with my friends and family.