Wednesday, November 5, 2008

One of my favorites...

... I have to tell you that one of my favorite times of the year is fall. Oh, I admit, I hate that my allergies kick into high gear... I hate that the flu bug begins it's rampage around the schools... and I hate the fact that it gets darker earlier... but I absolutely love the colors! As I sit here, I am watching the beautiful yellows, oranges and reds fall lazily to the ground. (Mickey hates that part!) Living in a wooded area affords us much color, and I always struck by how creative God is!

I can only imagine as He and Jesus, accompanied by the Spirit, sat down to map out their landscaping plan...

The Father: So, what do you think... all maples, or should be mix it up a bit?

Jesus: Let's mix it up... make it exciting!

The Spirit: And how about some nuts on the trees... I'm sure they'll come in handy.

The Father: Okay... maple, oak, elm, walnut, hickory... and some nice green leaves, different so we can tell them apart.

Jesus: And some color... how about that? Maybe some yellow... and reds... ???

The Spirit: ... and orange... don't forget the orange, it is one of my favorites!

The Father: Do you think they'll like it??

The Spirit: Do you think they'll notice???

Jesus: Don't worry... they'll love it... who wouldn't love a beautiful crisp fall day created just for their pleasure??

So, okay... I have quite the imagination... but I know that as God designed this earth He had you and I in mind... and I have to tell you... I am overwhelmed as I look at the glory of His creation. And while fall signals the onset of winter... I know that spring isn't far behind!

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Rebecca Jo said...

My grandmother always said that Fall was God's Coloring Book...I always think of that when I see all the beautiful colors!