Monday, July 28, 2008

Receiving a blessing....

Yesterday, after a sermon was that particularly rough (cried like a baby!!!) I spent a wonderful day of napping and swimming, I had just came back into the house to change when the phone rang. It was my friend, Angie, and her first question was, "Are you going to Women of Faith?" My answer, "No." She immediately said, "Why aren't you going?"

The answer was simple... the tickets for WoF were ordered months ago, and at the time that sign up was required, I just wasn't sure I would be able to attend due to other obligations. We were also in the process of raising money for Mickey's mission trip, and I wasn't sure how much we would have to pay for that... and I believed that his trip was a top priority. So... while I wanted to attend this event held in Indianapolis, I just couldn't make the commitment at that time.

Ang then proceeded to tell me that with the event happening this weekend, there were two tickets available and they were FREE. It seems that a couple of individuals who had been scheduled to attend were now unable to do so. They had already paid for their tickets and hotel and they just wanted to "bless" someone at GCC with attending! I was absolutely blown away. You see, my "prior commitment" no longer existed, and many of my dear friends were going to WoF and I had longed to attend, but knew that it was just too late to do so.

After checking with Mickey and Carly to arrange childcare for Michael, I was good to go. I called Ang back and let her know that I was available. I then found I was to ride up with Rebecca, Erica, Angie, Michelle and Crystal... how cool is that? AND... we would be leaving around noon so we could stop by the outlets... another bonus!!!!

Now... I have to say "thanks" to my benefactor... thank you... thank you... thank you!!!! I am so looking forward to this weekend... and it isn't just spending time with a group of women that I am so very fond of... it is about getting myself "re-charged". Having attended a WoF convention in St. Louis, I have to tell you that there is nothing more powerful than standing in a stadium with thousands of women who are worshiping and praising the Lord. You can literally feel the Spirit in the place and when you come away, you are so pumped up... and we ALL need that occasionally. And the speakers are just amazing... so again, while I don't know who you are.... THANK YOU FOR THIS BLESSING!!!! You have put a smile in my heart and I know that you have placed a smile on the face of God!


Rebecca Jo said...

YIPEE!!!!!!! I'm so happy you're going! And you're right - there is NOTHING like standing in an area like that hearing all those voices doing nothing but praising our Father! Cant wait!!!

erica said...

I am so excited!!!! Woo HOO!!! We are gonna have so much fun.