Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bible Blitz

This past Sunday Mickey and I took over the Elementary aged Sunday School at GCC. We had 15 kids show up, and we had a blast. Okay... Mickey and I did... along with our wonderful teen helper, Amanda Hanson. Shelly Powell, who is to be our third adult in the room, missed due to a "pink eye" attack on the home front! Hopefully, all will be well by Sunday and she can join the fun!

We started using a new curriculum Sha found called Bible Blitz. I love it! It is very fast paced, moving from one thing to the next, giving the kids little down time, and it has hands-on activities to bring home the point. There is also a DVD for use with the songs/motions that is awesome. I have found myself singing the songs from Sunday, and they have so much meaning...

"God is with me... where ever I go... Christ is in me... and I know that I know... He lived and died... a sacrifice... and the Spirit gives me life, it gives me life, it gives me life, because I have been made right... I've been made right with God!" Oh Yeah!!!! What a powerful lesson for these kids to learn...

And POWERFUL is the key word at GCC... we are inviting the power of the Spirit to continue moving through the church... and we want it to be felt by these kids...they are the future of GCC. So we ask that you keep this new ministry we have undertaken in prayer... and we ask that you pray for all of the teachers and youth coaches at GCC... the Spirit is moving... and we need your help to keep Satan from attacking our youth and our programs!!!! And I would like to ask that you keep praying for volunteers to step forward to make the Children's Program a success... more kids = more teachers needed!!! We are growing... think about coming to grow along with us!!! You are NEVER to old to work towards building God's kingdom.... come join the fun!

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