Monday, March 17, 2008

Cute as a button!

Sunday morning the church had the opportunity to hear the first performance of our handbell choir...and the kids did an awesome job!

These little ones, age 3 to K, have worked as hard and that age group can, and their work paid off. I didn't manage to get any still shots of the group, so if anyone out there reading this has one, please send it my way!!!

If you haven't taken the time to work with the kids at GCC, you ought to give it some serious prayer and consideration. They are amazing, and they are so filled with excitement. God is doing an amazing work there beginning with the babies and working his way up through the teens. If He is calling you to be a part of the fun, don't hesitate... step on up and take an active role in growing the kingdom from the ground floor up! After all... these kids will someday be sitting where you sit... the example of service you leave can make all the difference!

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