Thursday, February 21, 2008

Looking for the Cleavers!

During a recent conversation, I found out that many of us are looking for the same thing.... Ward and June.... and we wonder why they have been absent from our lives!

Sometimes, people find themselves looking at their parents and wondering just what God was thinking...placing them in such a family. Take a look around... there are tons of people out there who came from homes that were far from functional, and most of those people are looking for a light at the end of the tunnel. A little hope that they can cling to...something that says, "You can overcome all of this, and you WON'T become your parents!" And remember, God doesn't make mistakes, so the life you've lived, while full of pain, can and will be used for His glory... in His time.

While Ward and June looked good on TV, let's face it... they are just fictional characters. Yes, it would be great if Mom stayed home all day, baked cookies for your after school snack, and gave you a roast, mashed potatos AND a dessert with every meal... but in the majority of cases...that just isn't going to happen. And wouldn't it be grand if Dad was always available for a heart to heart talk, leading you to see where you are going wrong AND the way to fix the problems of life? Also, in most instances, it isn't going to happen.

So where does that leave us? Easy... as my friend Erica likes to say... the answer is Jesus! HE is the answer to everything. When your family leaves a lot to be desired, just remember... your HEAVENLY FATHER is perfect, and he is ALWAYS there for you...he NEVER turns his back on you OR your problems. And for many, while the only examples of parenting they've had are far from ideal, it's okay... it doesn't mean that you have to parent like your parents did. You can look to Christ and learn how to connect with your children in a way that will bring them so much joy it will blow you away.

So, if you are looking to God, living your life like Christ, can you become a Ward or a June??? Doubtful... remember... they don't exist... BUT you can be Jesus with skin on... and isn't that better?! And... if you want to practice baking cookies... give me a call... I'd LOVE to try them out for you - maybe we could even swap recipes!!!!


MommyVee said...

Does that mean Jesus will make me a good dinner everynite??

Joe said...

Great point Lynn. Sometimes we really get reality and fantasy mixed up and compare our lives to the wrong things. I love this post!