Monday, December 3, 2007

A member of the club

I must confess... until today I had never made an eBay purchase! That's right... I have a paper which I create on the computer, I have a blog, I have two emails (one business, one personal) and I play scrabble via email, but I had never made a purchase through eBay.

I am amazed by the amount of items that are for sale there. Can't say what I was looking for (Christmas time, you know?!) but when I did a search I came up with a huge number... then I refined my search and still came up with a huge number. I did a sort and was able to find just what I was looking for at a price I thought to be reasonable. (Maybe it was and maybe it wasn't... who really know?!) I set up a PayPal account and off I went... all from the comfort of my desk. And it isn't like I was shopping alone... hundreds of thousands of people do it every day, so I am sure someone made a purchase at just the same time as I did!

After I completed my transaction (pondering whether I should go and celebrate with a nice, warm cup of spiced cider) I wondered how we managed to get any of our shopping done before the computer was invented! Then I began to think back to my shopping trips as a child/young adult. I remember the local stores we went to, and the fact that your parents were often known by the shop keepers. I remember the thrill of looking at each item, touching it as if the very act would somehow make it your own. I remember the excitement that would build as I anticipated what I might receive. And later... I remember the thrill of the hunt... wanting to purchase the perfect gift for someone I loved.

Yes, things have changed, and yes, I have ended up conforming to that change....but I think that the old way will always be my favorite way. Now.... about that hot cider........


Rebecca Jo said...

Yes - old ways are nice - but stores dont have all the "Beauty & The Beast" items that Ebay has - OH YESSSS!

Amy said...

OH..and dont forget, Ebay does not have the long lines and the crazy people who should never be allowed to drive automobiles from the day after Thanksgiving until the day after new years!!