Monday, October 8, 2007

Our Visit

Yesterday we went to Greensburg to visit with Chandra and family. We hadn't been up to see their new home, and with Sara in from Denmark, we had all the kids under one roof. It was so nice to be with them all. (Left, Sara and Emma)

Each one of our kids, and when I say kids I include son-in-laws and Sara as well, have such different personalities, yet each has such a wonderful sense of humor. I choose to say wonderful instead of warped... but I must confess we are all bordering on warped which can make any topic fun! (Right, Rachel and Kailyn).
As I sat and looked at each child yesterday I was so amazed at the group that God had placed in my family. Even as I write this, I have tears because I feel so blessed, and so unworthy to have been given so much. Mickey and I are truly two of the luckiest and most blessed parents/grandparents around! And being able to have everyone together again was great. (Left, Kailyn, Michael and Chandra; Right Carly and Camden)

Yesterday in our Sermon on The Lord's Supper Chad closed by reminding us that we are the Bride and Christ is the groom, and that when he returns we will have the banquet to end all banquets. We will all be together and the table will be laden with food, and the joy that fills the place will be immense. I think that when our kids are all with us, we get a brief glimpse of what that banquet will be like. Does it get any better than that? Probably not on this side of Christ's return.


Rebecca Jo said...

Great family pictures! You have a wonderful gang!

Chad Doerr said...

I too feel blessed for the growing family I have been given. Thanks for sharing.