Monday, October 1, 2007

A day on the river

On Sunday following a great church service, Mickey, Michael and I headed to Madison, Indiana for the annual Chautauqua. We try to go every year when possible. I love to look at all of the craft items, the artists there are fantastic. Sunday was the perfect day to attend, the weather was beautiful and the river breeze was great. Michael enjoyed being out and he had a good time walking with us.

The streets between Vine and Broadway are closed off for this event and there are three roads filled with vendors. The roadway along the river has food vendors and you can get anything from a corn dog and kettle corn to a tenderloin the size of a small dinner plate! Cajun food, Greek gyros and German dishes were also available. There was something for everyone and there were definitely a lot of people there to enjoy it all.

Each year my goal is to make it to the Mistletoe Ornament booth. They make the cutest ornaments from polymer clay, and they will personalize them for you. You pick out what you want, pay them and get a number, and then in 30 minutes to an hour you return and pick up your ornament. I have given them Chandra and Rachel each year as they have married and had children. With the addition of Camden and Emma I was definitely on a mission. Mickey, Michael and I headed straight to their location as soon as we arrived. And they weren't there!!!!!!!

Now, you have to understand that they are the ultimate reason that I go there every year. I couldn't believe that they weren't there! I was so disheartened. Mickey, ever ready to make my world right suggest that maybe they had moved locations. So off we went in search of our prize. He was, of course, right. They had moved over to another street and I was so glad to find them. As I began choosing my purchases I spoke to the gentleman behind the counter and said, "You moved. I was so afraid that you hadn't come this year!" He just smiled and said, "I'm sorry, we got a better location this year." I then told him that they were the real reason that we drive there each year and that I didn't want to miss the opportunity to continue a tradition with our family. He was so pleased that we had returned year after year, and couldn't wait to show me the newest ornaments for 2007. He was happy that we had returned, and we were happy that he was there.

I can't help but compare this to our relationship with Christ. We often go looking for him and feel that he isn't where he should be. We then begin to panic and run frantically around looking for him, only to find that he is still there....he is just moving us in another direction. When we ask him why he moved he just smiles and says, "I'm sorry, I am just moving you to a better location." The key is to never stop looking ... that is where we often fail. We give up too soon, and we never receive what we so desperately need. So don't stop looking... Christ is NEVER gone...he is just waiting for you in a new location, ready to show you what he has in store!

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Rebecca Jo said...

Great comparison!

There is nothing like a fall day walking through craft fairs! FUN!