Friday, June 15, 2007

Missing connection

Now that American Idol is over (sigh...) Carly and I have turned our viewing to So You Think You Can Dance. Tuesday nights are reserved for viewing the dancers compete. Wednesday nights we find out who gets to stay, and who has to go. It is similar to American Idol in that voters call in to vote, but in SYTYCD, the lowest three couples have to 'dance solo for their lives' at the end of the show.

As we neared the final 15 minutes of last night's program, I noticed that our satellite was beginning to act a little crazy. I immediately went to Intellicast and found that a small storm was headed our direction from the north. Now... was this a huge system... no...just a small blip on the screen, headed directly for Washington County. It was just enough to mess up our signal, and all at once we were unable to see the show.

Kind of like life isn't it...we work really hard at our relationships with Christ, our family and friends. We go along fine for awhile, connected to everyone with a very clear signal and then WHAM...a storm pops up and we somehow begin to lose the signal that connects our lives. And it doesn't even have to be a big can be a small blip that won't last very long at all, but with the connection broken we begin to wonder how we will ever get it back.

For Carly and I it was relatively easy...we were able to go to a smaller TV, not hooked into the system, and pull in the local channel. We didn't miss the end of the we aren't out of the loop! It isn't that easy in life...but the concept is the same...we need to look for a way around our problem. We have to look around the edge of the storms in our lives and remember that the signal is still there on the other side. It never leaves!

If you find that you have lost your connection with Christ, then look around the edge of your storms...He is still there... He will never leave you...and when your storms are over, you will find that the SON still shines down on your life, and you may just be a little stronger for having withstood the storm.

Have a tremendous day in the Lord!!!

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Rebecca Jo said...

I LOVE your comparison! How great is it when you can take daily things and make them applicable to our Lord - just what He would want - for you to see Him in everything!

By the way - I would SO win SYTYCD if I was in the age group! (hehe!) I love that show!