Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Another issue to the printer

Another issue of The Good News Monthly has made it's way to the printers. It seems that I just get one finished and another is ready to go!!!

I enjoy putting together The Good News, it is so interesting to see what is going on in the churches around us. I love the fact that we have so many great writers willing to help fill our pages. And... I get to meet some amazing people along the way. While the money isn't great (but PTL I am finally getting a pay check!!!), the perks are fantastic.

  • I get to be home with Michael and Carly
  • I can get out to run errands any time I need too
  • I can fix dinner AND work at the same time
  • I get to spend the day with my grandson (and sometimes both granddaughters!)
  • I get to think about God's call on my life daily
  • And... I don't complain about my job a great deal...I really like my boss!!!!

Okay...now seriously... did I mention that I get to be home with the kids? That is the greatest part. Mickey and I were determined that we didn't want to stick Michael into a daycare so that I could work. We wanted to be able to guide his progress, and to have him attach to us. Every time that it has seemed that I would have to go and get a full time job, God has provided the means for me to stay at home. He has been very faithful in answering this prayer for our family. I have been and will remain faithful to the call He has given me... to produce this paper for our community, helping not only the churches but the readers as well.

If you are sitting and pondering what God's call is in your life, then I would suggest that you try and remain open to whatever he sends your way. I don't have a degree in journalism... I have never worked for a paper...I have not been published before....I never took a journalism class in high school. All I did was open myself up to the possibility that GOD could work through me...even as weak as I am in the "publishing department". It hasn't always been easy, and there had been a lot to learn, but as I have remained faithful to Him, he has been faithful to me.

Sit back, open your heart and your mind, and explore the possibilities...I can't wait to see where God may lead you!

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